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At Floreren Farm we grow medicinal herbs  and a range of nursery plants. We farm using organic and permaculture practices because we recognize that the health of the land is directly related to the health of all communities.


Practices we use on the farm to improve community health and the quality of the soil, water, and air include:

    - Prioritizing and using local and renewable sources of compost and nutrients 

    - Planting cover crops and perennials to protect the soil from erosion and to help keep waterways clear of runoff

    - Working with a diversity of native and non-native plants to build resilience into our farming systems

    - Growing habitats to support bugs, amphibians, and small mammals who aid us in balancing 'pest' pressures so we don't need to rely on            synthetic pesticides

    - Observing landscape microclimates and growing appropriate crops to optimize inputs

    - Valuing everyone regardless of socio-economic class by providing channels of access to our farm products

    - Collaborating with local businesses to improve rural livelihoods

Medicinal herbs
Nut Tree Nursery
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