What are we looking for in our dream farm? Well, we thought we'd let you know, just in case you stumble across something that looks like it and feel inclined to give us a call! 

We have dreamed and schemed and made lists  of the human and agricultural aspects of a farm/home/land that are important to us. Much of this is also inspired by reading and learning from "A Pattern Language" by Christopher Alexander et al., "The Permaculture Handbook" by Peter Bane, "Making Small Farms Work" by Richard Perkins, Mary Oliver, and others. 

- House

Kitchen garden

- Outbuilding(s); tool & product storage

- Greenhouse(s)

- Drying building

- Pasture; for grazing animals

- Naturalized space; woodlands, meadows, water 

- Mature trees


- Acreage; min. 10 cleared acres 

- Diversity; diversified farm

- Hub; for agricultural learning
- Root cellar

Must Have (non negotiable)

- Zoning and bylaws OK for farming and, if needed, building
- Arable soil; loam ideal, minimal rocks, fertile, topsoil
- Low risk of fire, tornado, flood
- Minimal erosion
- Minimal noise pollution; no airport, highway, factory/industrial operations, major developments nearby 

- Buffer between any conventional/GMO farming operations
- Minimal visual and light pollution

- Minimal run-off, dust, odours from surrounding sites
- Land survey available; clear property lines, topographical maps, vegetative maps, waterway maps
- Water in natural landscape; prioritize running water over lake, pond or wetland 
- Road access; property bordering a public road not landlocked by other private property
- Partially wooded, partially pasture

- Water; well, drinking, farm and household use, irrigation capacity

- Near post office

- Internet; high speed access


Desirable (negotiable)

- 4b or warmer hardiness zone 

- Approximately 132 frost free days (or more)

- Proximity to a town/city/market; 1 hour max. 30 min or less ideal

- Not previously sprayed or under high input conventional agricultural production 

- Pond for swimming
- Pleasant view 

- Level and/or gentle south facing slope, some rolling hills ok especially in pasture and meadow land
- Protected farmland (in trust with a conservation authority)
- Established food bearing trees
- Potential to forage/harvest plants

- Privacy; trees, space...
- Non-polluting activities in headwaters
- Phone; mobile reception


Desirable but can gain through management

Soil; drainage and water holding capacity
- Existing fruits/berries, a
lley cropping trees, nuts, medicinals
- Fencing; for livestock, deer



- Reconciliation and colonialism; current and historical land use

- Cost per unit ($/acre)

- Potential for long term land preservation/trust

- Soil; subsoil, soil tests, pH, soil depth, organic matter content, stability, maximum depth of frost

- Local population figures and demographics

- Economic and emotional health of community, schools, public works, hospital, fire department, landfills, shops

- Resources on and off site

- Local tradespeople

- Proximity of abattoir/butcher

- Proximity of (large) animal veterinarian.

- Proximity of (farm) mechanic and supply

- Proximity of car service

- Community political leaning


- Areas of interest: Ontario; within ~3 hour radius of Mississauga (Guelph, Erin, Elora, Fergus, Georgian Bay, Wiarton), Nova Scotia; Annapolis, Digby, Queens, Kings, Hants, and Lunenburg counties. 

- Near community of family, friends, mentors, other young farmers, farmers' markets, local shops

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Neustadt, Ontario, Canada

Three Fires Confederacy Territory

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