At Floreren Farm we grow medicinal herbs, nursery trees, shrubs, and herbal starts for our local communities in Southwestern Ontario. 

This is our way of pursuing what we love: growing plants to create beauty and life. The farm is born of a deep need to contribute to a resurgence of health, justice, beauty and connection between people and the land.

Floreren is a Dutch word that means to grow or evolve under favourable circumstances; to flourish, to bloom.

Our farm products will be available in 2019 by mail order and to our surrounding communities in Grey-Bruce and Wellington Counties, Three Fires Confederacy Territory.

 Floreren is a small and blooming, ecological, medicinal herb farm founded in 2018 by ilana and Paul. 

Co-Farmer of Floreren Farm 

Herbalist & New Farmer

B.A., Dip. Phytotherapy

Co-Farmer of Floreren Farm

New Farmer, Facilitator & Educator 
B.Sc., M.Sc.

Organic, permaculture principles - we recognize that the health of the land, air and water is directly related to the health of all communities.

Practices we use on the farm to improve community health and the quality of the soil, water, and air include:

    - Prioritizing and using local and renewable sources of compost and nutrients 

    - Planting cover crops and perennials to protect the soil from erosion and to help keep waterways clear of runoff

    - Working with a diversity of native and non-native plants to build resilience into our farming systems

    - Growing habitats to support small animals who aid us in balancing 'pest' pressures so we don't need to rely on synthetic pesticides

    - Observing landscape microclimates and growing appropriate crops to optimize inputs

    - Valuing everyone regardless of socio-economic class by providing channels of access to our farm products

    - Collaborating with local businesses to improve rural livelihoods

Beauty - a deep sense of alignment in someone, something, or some place; a blossoming of awe, connection.

Justice - an ongoing activity as opposed to a static state or resting place; a fair livelihood not just for ourselves but for every human that does not compromise the rich diversity of communities local or global; action and reflection that grow from a multiplicity of perspectives.


Land Acknowledgement - Floreren Farm is currently located near Neustadt, Ontario, on Three Fires Confederacy (Niswi-mishkodewin) Traditional Territory made up of the Odawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe Nations

As settlers who are aware of the historical and ongoing violence of colonialism in this area and who work for the creation of a diverse community that benefits all people, we reflect on the following questions to guide our actions:

- What are our obligations to the people who first inhabited this land? 
- How do settlers on this land figure out what their responsibilities are? 
- How can we be good guests here? 
- How can we support existing local struggles? 
- How can we support Indigenous self-determination?

*Credit to Tahia and Fairfield Gonzales Community Association for dialogue.

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Neustadt, Ontario, Canada

Three Fires Confederacy Territory

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