Herbs carry a power - to open people to new ways - of experiencing the world allowing them to connect their daily lives and personal health to the health of the earth. Herbs can teach us that our health grows directly from the health of the land, water and air. 

Floreren Farm grows high quality medicinal herbs to increase the beauty, diversity, and health of farmland while expanding access to preventative health care. We grow using organic practices, building the soil to nourish our plants.

Herbalists, know your farmers! ilana brings over three years of training as a medical and community herbalist as well as four years of farming experience to ensuring the highest quality of our medicinal plants.

We want to build a farm that grows potent organic medicinal herbs to supply domestic herb companies and herbalists that promote preventive, engaged healthcare and value ecological stewardship of the land. We hope this farm becomes part of the growing network of ecological farms across the world increasing options for food and medicine that is grown from healthy soils. 


Shipping available across Canada (Northern Turtle Island).

To ensure freshness, we only sell herbs that have been harvested in the current growing season.

Please contact us with any questions or wholesale inquiries.