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Elder flowers and berry, elderberry shrub

Black walnut trees, scientifically known as Juglans nigra, possess several remarkable qualities. To begin with, these trees yield sought-after nuts renowned for their exceptional flavor, widely employed in a diverse array of culinary creations, from baking to salads, imparting a distinctive taste and texture. Additionally, their timber is highly prized due to its exceptional quality, distinguished by its dark hue and robustness, making it a preferred choice for crafting fine furniture and engaging in woodworking endeavors. These trees' towering stature, impressive foliage, and distinctive compound leaves make them an imposing and aesthetically pleasing addition to gardens and landscapes.


Mature Height: 70 - 80 feet


Hardiness Zone: 4 and higher in order to produce nuts


Pollination: Will have better nut production with at least 2 trees


Gene Source: Mixed genes from cultivar parent trees Emma K and Grimo 108H

Walnut, Black Seedling (Bareroot)

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