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Elder flowers and berry, elderberry shrub

Heritage Everbearing Red Raspberry is a favourite that yields plentiful harvests of large, sweet, deep red berries, ideal for snacking off the canes and preserving. The canes are self-supporting and upright, however we have found with the strong winds that they benefit from being supported. Berries grow in year 1 or 2.


This variety offers two harvest seasons: a moderate yield in July and a heavy bounty from September until frost. 


After you plant the bareroot canes, it's likely that the new shoots will sprout up from the roots in addition to the cane (aboveground). Plant 3 feet apart and they will fill in and spread via rhizomes.


1 bundle order = 3 bareroot canes

Raspberry (Bundle of 3), Red var. Heritage (Bareroot)

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