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Hazelnut trees (Corylus hybrid) offer a range of benefits in various aspects of agriculture, nutrition, and environmental conservation. Firstly, they provide a sustainable and nutritious source of food, as hazelnuts are rich in healthy fats, protein, and various essential nutrients. Secondly, hazelnut trees can be used in agroforestry systems to improve soil quality and reduce erosion, sequestering carbon dioxide and supporting biodiversity, as they provide habitat and food for various wildlife species.


Mature Height: 10 - 14 feet


Hardiness Zone: 4a - 8


Pollination:  At least two trees for better nut production


Gene Source: Our northern hazels were grown from seed selected from parent crosses made for cold climates, including C. heterophylla hybrids and original crosses made at Morden Experimental Farm in Manitoba. Grimo Nursery shares that this work is ongoing at the University of Saskatchewan.  These are expected to be at least 70% blight free. 

Hazelnut, 2 -Year Old Northern Seedling (Bareroot)

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