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Elder flowers and berry, elderberry shrub

Persian walnut trees  (Juglans regia) produce large, delicious and nutritious nuts known for their rich, buttery flavor, which you may remember cracking open by the fire during cozy winter times. They are prized for their ornamental value, with their lush foliage and stately appearance enhancing the aesthetic appeal of gardens and landscapes. Lastly, Persian walnut trees are well-suited for agroforestry practices, providing valuable timber in addition to their delectable nuts, making them a versatile and economically beneficial choice for growers.


Mature Height: 40 feet


Hardiness Zones: 6a - 8


Pollination: At least 2, more recommended for better nut production.


Gene Source: From mixed parent cultivar trees, including Dooley, Burtner, Sejnovo, Broadview, Coble, Young B1, Ames and others.

Walnut, Northern Persian (aka. English, Carpathian) Seedling (Bareroot)

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