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Elder flowers and berry, elderberry shrub

Planting shagbark hickory seedlings is more than just practical; it's a lot of fun. These trees have a unique charm with their shaggy bark, adding character to your landscape. Plus, the hickory nuts they produce are a tasty treat, making for a fun and rewarding harvest. Lastly, their tall canopies create perfect shady spots for picnics or a bit of climbing adventure – a delightful addition to any yard.


Mature Height: Can reach 100 feet


Hardiness Zones: 4


Pollination: At least two trees for nut production


Genetic Source: A mixture of the best named cultivar parent trees from Grimo, including Grainger, Neilson, Porter, Weschcke, and Yoder#1

Hickory, Shagbark Seedling (Bareroot)

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