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Planting Chinese/American Sweet Chestnut seedlings allows you to enjoy a bountiful harvest of chestnuts with a delightful flavor, perfect for snacking, roasting, or incorporating into various culinary creations. These hybrids exhibit improved resistance to chestnut blight, a devastating fungal disease that has severely affected chestnut trees. Beyond their practical benefits, Chinese/American Sweet Chestnut seedlings also add aesthetic value to your landscape. These trees grow into attractive, canopy-forming specimens, providing shade, visual interest, and a touch of natural beauty to your property. Whether for orchard cultivation or as an ornamental addition, these hybrids offer a well-rounded landscaping choice.


Mature Height: 60 ft


Hardiness Zone: 5a - 8


Pollination: 2 trees are needed for nut production


Gene Source: Grimo's most hardy and blight resistant Chinese and Chinese/American parent trees

Chestnut, Edible Sweet Chinese/American Hybrid Seedling (Bareroot)

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