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Elder flowers and berry, elderberry shrub

Ultra Northern Pecan  trees (Carya illinoinensis)--which could be called the butter tree--stand out for their remarkable features, making them an exciting addition to northern landscapes. These trees are prized for their extraordinary cold tolerance, thriving in regions with harsh winter conditions where other pecan varieties struggle. Despite their ability to withstand the cold, they produce delectable pecans known for their sweet and rich flavor, making them a delightful addition to a variety of dishes. Beyond their practical benefits, these trees also bring ornamental value, thanks to their attractive growth habit and lush foliage, enhancing the visual appeal of northern gardens and landscapes.


Mature Height: ~70 feet


Hardiness Zones: 5b - 8


Pollination: Recommended by Grimo to plant 3-4 seedlings to ensure enough trees are "protgynous" (pollen receiving parts of plants open first) and "protandrous" (pollen producing parts of flowers open first) to allow proper nut production


Gene Source: Mixed genes from named cultivars, including Snaps, Carlson#3, Lucas, Deerstand, Fisher, Campbell NC4.

Pecan, Ultra Northern Seedling (Bareroot)

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