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A Little Bit About Land Access & Care

Some of you have asked to hear more about our story in land access and land care. Here you go <3

This is an exciting, complex and trauma-filled topic--home and land and "ownership"--knowing that so many are historically and currently displaced from their homelands, and, in our context, so many new/young farmers consider it an impossible goal these days. We'll share a bit of our experience in these posts and continue to organize with the National Farmers Union and partnering organizations to work on systemic and local issues related to Indigenous sovereignty, which includes land back, and land access for farmers/growers/farm workers.

Being aware of the beauty of the landscape comes easier when it's this striking. These trees, the Red Maples, are older than us by a long shot and they grace us with their structure, movement, and colours--from the leaves and bark, to the lichen and twigs.

Back in 2019 when we were searching for a home to purchase, live and farm, mature trees were something that was on our list of priorities. They bring beauty, stability, habitat, play, nutrient cycles, wind and privacy blocks, water balance, and so much more.

In 2019, farming part to full time for the past 5-8 years, Ilana and I weren't able to access traditional avenues of loans for a farm, but we were privileged to access a home equity line of credit to be able to purchase and (slowly) restore this old, tender, breathtaking farm home in 2020. We are lucky and privileged and grateful to call this place home. It's important to point out that if we did not have our privilege/access we would not have been able to achieve this goal. We work hard but just working hard is (obviously) not enough. The majority of farmers and farm workers do not have the same ability to access financials that we did/do and that is a huge barrier to farming, which means a huge issue for all eaters, too.

**Jumping back to beauty, lest I write an essay (haha)**

Even with such old beautiful trees we continue to plant diverse trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials to continue to restore and protect the landscape and our farm. Plus foooood! We grow them for others, too : )


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