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Floreren in 2022

In the winter, hopes for spring are sown...including our seeds for nut trees, fruit trees, and herbs!Welcome to you who are newly following along with our farm and hello again to those of you who have been supporting us since our beginning!

How exciting to know that there were thousands more Floreren nut and fruit trees planted this fall in Nova Scotia, Mi'kma'ki! We are thrilled with the local support we've received in the first season re-starting our farm in a new location. Thank you so much! We wish you a Hopeful New Year, knowing that planting trees and seeds, and inviting medicinal plants into your life is perhaps based entirely on hope and care-full planning for the future. Here's to a year where our communities continue to grow plants that create possibility for generations to come and will allow us to flourish in a supportive environment.

As a wintery fog settles along the Annapolis River, we are finding space - between raising a one-year-old and slowly breathing life into a centuries-old farm home - to plan and grow more plants for you. The nut and fruit tree seedlings are tucked away for winter and ordering is now open for Spring. Yes, you can start imagining Spring! We offer land consultations if support is needed in realizing your spring planting visions.

Nut trees and herb plants to come!

We hope that your new year starts off with the glow of a blossoming Echinacea, wishing you all the best health and inspiration,

- ilana & Paul

Floreren Farm


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