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Fall Tree Seedling Pre-Sale

Fall planting time is coming up and we have nut tree seedlings for you!

The calming cool of fall is settling in our fields and the tree tips are beginning to change colour. Both reminders that the second big planting season *FALL* is approaching (late October/early November). Now is a great time to order bare root seedlings and plan on where to put them.

See the poster below for available trees and find more details (sizes, pricing (bulk pricing available), shipping + pick up options) on our website.

Hot Tip: If you haven't done so already, there is still time to mulch the area that you're planning to plant into. Using a thick layer of organic material (wood chips, grass, leaves, old hay or straw) in a meter-wide circle is a fantastic way to prep the soil for planting trees.

We hope your summer season is winding down smoothly and that you're making some time to rest. Happy tree planting!

- ilana & Paul

Floreren Farm


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