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Spring Tree Seedling Sale

We have nut tree seedlings for you and planting time (April) is coming up!


The ground here is thawing out as the last of the snow is melting away. Now is a great time to start ordering bare root seedlings and planning on where to put them! See the poster below for what we have available and our website for more details on sizes, pricing (bulk pricing available), and shipping + pick up options.

Tip: If you haven't done so already, now is the perfect time to mulch the area that you're planning to plant into. Using a thick layer or organic material (wood chips, grass, leaves, old hay or straw) in a meter wide circle is a fantastic way to prep the soil for planting into. If you're going on top of grass, laying down some cardboard first will help or, if you have the time, fork and flip the grass. Doing all this in the previous fall is even better!

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Happy garden/forest/farm/fun planning to you all and we wish you all the best in the upcoming season. We're pretty excited! For more frequent news on what we're up to, follow us @florerenfarm on Instagram and Facebook.

- ilana and Paul

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