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Trees And Herbs Are Coming

Spring/Summer Planning for Fall Perennials in Your Garden

We are excited to share our farm news and a tip for preparing for fall planting!

After many years and with much support from you, our families, and friends, we found a farm home.We are now living in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Mi'kma'ki starting to grow a farm of trees and herbs. We also added a member to our family this year with the birth of our sweet baby Roosje Linde. Despite a trying winter, Spring has arrived with fresh energy and we are ready to get plants in the ground. We are feeling a good deal of trepidation, excitement and awe at the responsibility of stewarding this land and re-starting our farm from scratch.

We will be trialling a few of our favourite medicinal herbs in the gardens and will be ready for regular, bulk orders next season (2022). Stay tuned for small batch availability of select herbs this summer! While you may also be planning for your spring and summer gardens now, don't forget to save some space and prep ground for fall planted perennials! We will have trees ready for you to order for fall planting (a fantastic time to plant perennials).

Stay tuned for updates on available plants and put fall planting in your calendar! Subscribe to our newsletter at

In the meantime

Prep space for fall planting

1) Heavily mulch the areas you plan to plant in the fall. Example: For a nut tree seedling, you can lay mulch 6" deep, 3' diameter, with dried leaves. Wood chips or shavings, straw, old hay, or anything that will block light and prevent sod and weed growth can be used as a mulch. Mulching will also activate soil life, resulting in ground ready to receive your plants in the fall.

2) Dream of trees; Hazelnuts, Heartnuts, English Walnuts, Mulberries, Ultra Northern Pecans, and more.

Happy Summer, see you for fall planting,

ilana, Paul & Roosje


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